25. Only Skin by Sean Ford

30 Aug


I am curious to know where I ran across this graphic novel and when I put it in my Amazon queue, but one day it materialized in my mailbox. I loved the strange, sad, muted, lost, quality of the illustrations and the narrative about the “slow apocalypse,” a world on the edge of a woods, where people were disappearing and menaced by ghosts. I might have just ordered it because I liked the title “Only Skin.” In this case I’m going to guess that skin is about mystery. Skin is the visible covering the invisible, the part of human beings we can see that masks all the parts we can’t see. I’m curious if the writer had an intention with the work, or if it was one of those strange things that, artistically, just kind of presents itself and demands to be made and the artist obeys, allowing the chips of meaning to fall where they may. That was kind of my impression.

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